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    Get ready to Bark’em Up!

    About ProtoCorgi

    ProtoCorgi is a retro style pixel art, horizontal shoot ‘em up with arcade gameplay that gives the player control over Bullet, a C3 class (Cute Cybernetic Corgi) pup.

    Be prepared to Shoot, Dodge and Bark your way through in this adorable Bark’em up! Countless waves of enemies, gigantic bosses and deadly obstacles will put your skills to the test. Help Bullet on his journey to save his master and friend Nixie from terrible alien forces!

    Fear not, the adventure is available to everyone with an adjustable difficulty from “ Pup” to “Ultra Nightmare”.


    • Bark'em up
      Take up to 27 different weapons combinations to defeat your enemies! As a true C3 Class Cybernetic pup, Bullet wields more than traditional weaponry. Use 3 different massive attacks to wipe-out the foes or rely on your fighting spirit to kick-ass!
    • Competition
      Master the power of the bark and take your skills to the leaderboard! May you engrave your name and see it unmatched. Let your friends know who is the best Corgi!
    • Create & Share
      Unleash your creativity! ProtoCorgi offers a stage editor mode where you are free to create future levels of your liking and to share them with your friends.
    • Customize the bark
      Not all dogs bark the same way. Enjoy customizing Bullet's bark to your liking!



    Developer Kemono Games
    Players 1
    Release date 2024
    Genres Shoot 'em up
    Platforms Windows PCNintendo Switch™